Monday, May 24, 2010

kite kena memahami kalau nk difahami.. :)

so fhm x tajuk kite pd hari ni?
actually, it is specially for guys out there who have special girlfriend or even anyone who i think they have friendS! :)
alright now..
first of all, are u guys out there really know what girls really wants..?
no? yes?
just read below ! then u will get it

never ever, ever judge a girl by her looks!! That is the last thing that she would like to judged by.
It doesn't matter how crooked her teeth are or how heavy she weighs.. inner beauty is mostly prefer!

Another important part is respect. If u don't respect ur girl and the same time she, doesn't respect u, then u are heading for big trouble.

The most important aspect of a girl's life is probably her girlfriends. If at any point in ur relationship she asks u for a time apart so that she can have her weekly gathering with her girlfriends, please give her some time okay?? ;)

If u ever get into an argument, don't u just back off because she's a girl. Sometimes it's alright to have misunderstandings. But if at any point u've realized that u've made mistake, don't wait for her to confront u. Apologize first and please DON'T bring up the past.

Girls simply love guys who are not afraid to take the blame when something goes wrong. It just show that u are man enough! haha if u know what i mean. :)

Girls love guys that can be honest and open about their feelings! Don't do things that would make ur girl think that u are betraying her trust.

Love is FRIENDSHIP! treat ur girl as ur lover as well as ur friend that u use to be before u started ur relationship..

Girls love guys that complimenting her, a passionate, romantic and always be by her side even he doesn't have enough time for her..
It's just enough if u just can say that u really love her before both of u sleep, or u will feel guilty for the rest of ur life when she gone forever..

Anyway, i don't guarantee that all girls have the same needs but mostly will. [end]

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