Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don't wake me up

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short entry since i'm too tired today.
went to Mansyiah
the trip was totally enjoyable since i'm a shopholic, haha
it's hot here and i meant it.
another few days i'm going back to Malaysia!!
shout for KL! (konon KL menjerit,muehehe)
another habit since staying in Egypt, I see cute things I think about hadek2, maka..
"eh,comel! nk beli utk ariefa lah!"
another few mile,
"eh, ni mcm sesuai utk ainin! mesti dia suka."

I spent a lot today, LE180 utk family, me? LE20 include shawarma = kebab for lunch.

red velvet yummy from scarletslove! so sweet! me melt..

memain eyeliner baru,hakhak

Jubah utk hero-heroku, adeeb punya paling tak tahan belah kanan tu comel sgt oi..

tomorrow me,baizury,and ili rossa will rock on Cairo!
this is what we call revenge! well no exam anymore.. ;)

will update for my trip tumolo!
hiyaahh, pull the blanket on~
-good night Egypt-
-morghning Malizi-

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