Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bright and Blossom

on 7th June, my batch-mate organized an event known as Bright It Out.
basically, event ni mcm karnival, ad game booth and photobooth..
mmg awesome gila batch aku! :D
it was all worth it for le22 only including foods & entrance ticket.
better than hi-tea tahun lepas.. aku prefer lg event yg santai, with great scenery, and suka hati nk buat apa, tak terbatas satu tempat je.. plus, berpeluh sbb you enjoy playing the games bkn sbb panas and bosan..

ACE is our batch name

how beautiful is that.. tu booth telefon buruk & regu..

baizury and iman

booth match their face with their name. I guessed 7 of them within a min and won a mug! cool! ;)
spot my name! 
agak2 nk berangan kawen pn boleh, we have henna art service! yeayy!

dart booth

Shawl from Bursa Turkey
H&M Polka peplum
H&M cardigan

beloved princess!

dpt mkn ayam BBQ, solat hajat sama2..
game tu sume main secara free smpi pengsan! nk inai satu bdn pn bole, haha
ish, mmg best gilaaa! 
a big hugs for the AJKs! you guys rock! :)

    and.. surpriseee! Ombre skirt for raya! can't wait to wear it! *jejoget*

purple and green, so colourful, I'm happy sampai try pakai nk dekat 5 kali, hahahaha..
I'm dyingggg inside from happiness, hihi.. :) 

byk lg nk tulis sbnrnya tp I gotta go, till then lovelies!
oh by the way, thanks and welcome to my new blog readers! readers yg sokmo baca blog arfa lg la eden syg ketat takmo lepas! hahaha *group hugs*
ok sweetie, assalamualaikum :)

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