Monday, October 11, 2010


kuliah start pukul 2 petang
biochemistry with enzyme's topic
phySIOLogy with energy balance's topic
ohh, i am so in LOVE with phySIOLogy.. HAHA
nak tahu sbb ape?
sebab my lecturer ckp purely english, i loike! *blushes
(lecturer lain ckp ade slang france, cuba sebut prostate gland !)
mereka sebut "beghostate gelandd"
fuhh, kena bagi full attention to the lecture, kalau tak, =.="
maka, hari ni sudah bertekad nak study every after lecture
start belajar pukul 8 malam
hari ni accomplish!
esok ade TBL (Team Base Learning)
topic : effects of exercises on metabolism
auumm, nk suruh aku exercise lah tuu.


thanks for reading lovelies :D