Wednesday, November 3, 2010

surat CINTA

memandangkan exam nak dekat, sgt2 kn..
saje nk post surat cinta utk professor2 sayaa..
baik kan? HAHA

saje nk letak tgh pulak, bole kn?

Dear prof,
Today i am soo in love with you.
because just now gave me the permission to date with you tomorrow at 10am,
i didn't finish up my assignment yet.
now it is 4pm and i still didn't start to do anything.
how come? esok you mesti mrh.
tula sape suruh you bg i topic yg susah? grr..
its alright you are very kind because you gave the most easy topic..
amek kau..mule ah xfhm..haha
i hope you will give easy question for our examination.
i mean quite easy.
if you give us easy question, i love you mad pig lah.
dlm erti kata lain i love you gila babi.. haha

I am so sory because i wrote in both malay and english languages.
if you dont understand, i suggest you better dont use the google translater because that google is rubbish! haha
ok2,i love you lah! see you tomollow..chiaoo :)
Your beloved,


thanks for reading lovelies :D