Sunday, June 30, 2013

to release the pressure and go freely

alluu dhosti!
I'm done for my 1st exam yesterday, alhamdulillah it was ok, not really great but I know ada la khilaf di mana2 bila otak mula cramp dlm dewan peperiksaan.. forget bout that, everything will be just fine insyaAllah..
I wanna share things that I do to release my stress, I bet everyone everyday anywhere can be stress and yeah so do I.

first : meditation
it is a mind self control. tak tahu la cmne nk explain bhasa omputeh, BI bkn hebat pn, ni tulis kat blog utk praktis shja rakan taulan.
if you start to feel stress, stop doing your work right away! give 15min of break for yourself.
dear, takde org pn gagal dlm hidup bila luangkan masa 15min utk relaks.
you can use that period to organize everything in your mind, or rearrange your timetable (is it too tight until it make you stress?)

second : desserts
omonaa my favourite!! :3
amazingly, a day before exam, I feel so stressed and worried. I asked my parents, what should I do? they answered, treat yourself with icecream! klu ada baskin robbins pn hentam je, mahal pn takpe.. sadly mom, egypt has no BR.. what a sad life.. T.T
so I bought 2 icecream! eat it, ngap ngap, finish! alhamdulillah, headache is relieved..
I felt so happy and started to stress (reading the books) again, hahah :P

third : exercise
oh takyah pi gym pn bole senah oi..
bicycle crunches and lompat bintang for 5mins.
yeay, stress go away, insyaAllah..

fourth : remember Allah
doa is Muslim's weapon. tell Him your story.
put your priority. God or books?

last : avoid being with people who are also in stress condition, haha
just joking. but actually it also works. hihihi
k lovelies, till then!
pray for my exam on 2nd, 4th, 15th of July!
thanks and toorahh! :D


  1. Actually I do similar things, too. Whenever I learn I take my yoga mat and try to exercise and to calm down, too :D It also helps me to organize my mind :) And of course we have to reward ourselves after a hard work, too.

    1. yup, calm down and sit back. reward should be the best one!hehe ;)

  2. Chocolate desserts always make me feel better. ^_^

    1. yup, me too! it stimulates our hormone, making us more calm and happy! ;)

  3. err bukan ada ke BR yang besar gedabak dekat depan mattah raml tu? yg sebelah kfc O.o

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  5. Happy fasting! Yumm that chocolate bar seems indulging <3
    xoxo, MICH


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