Thursday, July 11, 2013

we came from different background so why don't we ask first before we judge?

hello hello!
I'm typing this post at 3.50 in the morning, just to warm up before I start stuffing my head with a bunch of topic from the books.
so what are we going to talk right now?
we are going to talk about background and see how background build us for what we are today..
I'm not a very good person who have a complete happy family from start to be honest.
and I believe there are manyy people who are way more lucky than me out there but I'm not jealous. I will never feel jealous for what you have. why? because I believe in Qada' and Qadar. to believe in what our life has been decided since we are in the womb.
I have something that you don't have and you have something that I don't have. so it is fair and square!
but the problem right now is people keep judging, and I know we can't stop them.
look on the positive side guys, maybe he/she is raised in the environment where the people love to talk about others? right? so that thing put an impact on him/her more or less.
when a girl doesn't wear her hijab eventhough she already 25 years old and above, people look at her and said why you didn't wear your hijab, don't you feel ashamed to be known as a Muslim but your attire did not match with what God has said in Quran?
true, she is wrong for not wearing properly as a Muslim.
but before that we must ask about their background, understand them better, try to put yourself on their shoes. then you can say anything else. then you are a good Muslim insyaAllah because you are being a good listener to them. I adore people who talk less and listen more. :)
ok entry kali ni mcm serius sgt, tak best la kan, haha.. ni sume berdasarkan pemerhatian.. ramai sgt juri di luar sana, berhemah dlm menegur dan fhm situasi, selidik dulu..
benda ni ibarat mcm sebelum exam la, mcm ne nk exam tp ilmu takde, betul tak? ha samo lah dgn benda gini, hok aloh benda kacang guring pn susah nk relate, hahaha..
ni exam lg 3 hari, ponat da membaca tp tak hbs2 lg, lembab sgt otak ni, byk dosa..
lg 4hari nk balik Malaysia!!!!
tak sabar nk peluk parents, cubit pipi adik, tarik ekor kucing! hahaha..
insyaAllah pray for my exam on 15th, pray for my safety here in Egypt, pray for my flight to be safely land on Malaysia!
later I'll update something more interesting, sorry cuz there is no picture in this post which is a bit rare, haha

thank you, assalamualaikum! ;)
p/s: I'm so happy Ramadhan is here!! :)

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