Friday, July 19, 2013

travel of happiness

hello Malaysiaaaa!!
finally I'm home.. honestly, I missed my home since the last 2 months and once I saw lambang Maybank from inside the plane at KLIA, mata ni berair tahu, betapa bertuahnya Maybank sbb mampu buat aku sebak kegembiraan.. gitu :P
so today, I will briefly tell you guys about my experience all the way from Alex > Cairo > Abu Dhabi > Malaysia ;)
the biggest mistake that I made was I didn't get enough sleep a night before my flight, I was too excited and it kept me awake..
 study leaves takde plak mata ni nk bukak luas2, asal pukul 11 je menguap besaq gajah.. *sigh
I left my house in Alex at 8am together with baizury, my roommate, by a rent car that we paid for only le350 (the cheapest that I managed to find)
the unforgettable moment was when the driver didn't know where is the airport,
here in Egypt, they can ask anyone from inside the car, even the other person who is driving besides their car, hahaha cool right? so he asked every single driver that passed our car, hahaha.. its funny and we laughed so hard eventhou we knew its not really appropriate to laugh on him, but the way he did it just too funny.. and his face expression was very like 'i'm not guilty, don't angry at me' kahkahkah really made my day! :D

we arrived Cairo Airport at 12pm..
waited for almost 3 hours before we checked in.. then flew to Abu Dhabi..
I gave 4 starrs for Etihad's service, just because the desserts are not so yummy, hahaha :P
but the pilot is a Malaysian guy, awesomeee!

pramugari/pramugara are very friendly and quick on doing their job. I watched The Croods movie, seriously damn good film. major love with Etihad Airways. ;)

then we transit at Abu Dhabi for 4 hours,
the airport is so pretty,  rasa nk tgkp gambo byk2 mcm org jakun tp tak nak la nnti obvious sgt kejakunan tu. coklat kat duty free mmg terbaik gila choices yg ada, rare kot nk jumpa coklat import yg murah compare to normal price.
bersungguh nk tukar duit kat money exchanger, rupa2nya minimum amount yg boleh tukar le100 and we'll get AED50, mmg tak la aku nk tukar, le100 tu kat egypt byk benda boleh beli tahuuu.. maka berduka lara la aku, teringin hot chocs kat Costa tp nk buat camne terpaksa tahan nafsu, minum kat Malaysia jela nanti..
I also found a mp4 player for only AED75 = rm75, crazy right? but I didn't buy it cuz I was afraid that it is not really tahan lasak, kang baru pakai sekejap da lunyai.. haha
tempat charge pn bykkk kat airport ni, mmg terbaik.. aku taktau knp nk puji jee.. takpela, jakun kan, hahaha..

lepas da jakun kat airport tu, move on to our next flight, actually ad delay 30mins, takpelah janji selamat sampai..
dlm flight kali ni no seat kitorang 53 which is the 3rd last row,
tak faham knp klu check in awal dpt seat blkg -.-"

nak dijadikan cerita, tgh2 seronok sbb dlm plane ni ad tmpt charger (jakun lagi,hahaha), tiba2 dtg org cina habaq ni tmpt dia, aku mcm confuse la sbb pramugara yg soh kitorang lalu sini bermakna mestilah seat kitorang bhgn tepi ni kan plus klu tgk huruf seat pn mmg aku duduk tmpt aku pn, aku beralah jela, cina ni susah sikit klu tak beralah kang dia maki aku dlm plane.. aku pn "I'm sorry, just wait a min,I'll move my things"
pastu aku dgr dia mencarut bak hang, dia bengang sbb tmpt letak beg penuh brg kitorang, I'm speechless.
do you really need to swear like that? dude, we already give our seat to you and you don't even thank us and you said 'wtf' to us, where is your manner?? urghh, aku panas gila walaupn aircond kuat.. nsb baik aku penat, aku malas nk bising plus I'm a muslim and I do not argue for a small thing, pity you chinese man.

before we started our journey, we got a packet of snack, ada sandwich, biskut, jus, mineral water.. maka itu jela jd sahur kami sbb subuh lg 2 jam.. I watched a korean movie titled Gifted Hand, sumpah best woi sbb kali ni takde babak lovey dovey, cerita pasal kes bunuh budak2.. aku dok jerit dlm plane sbb terkejut, mmg baguih perangai tu arfa oi.. hahaha

sampai dahh Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia.. aawhh this feeling once a year je dpt rasa.. alhamdulillah still given a chance to meet my family..
bercerita mcm2 dgn mama ayah, oh lupa nk bgtau I'm going to be an aunty or we called it 'mak ngah' since I'm the second child,hehe..
insyaAllah next year another new family member is going to fill up our happy family!! aaa can't wait! :D :D

thats all for today, my aim before Eid is I want to lose about 2-3kg during ramadhan..wish me luck! :)
okay till next time, assalamualaikum and happy iftar! ;)

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