Thursday, July 25, 2013

your choice reflects who you are :)

assalam my lovely readers,
after a week of holiday in Malaysia, I did some serious shopping (pernah ke tak serius shopping? :P),
the best part was I bought almost everything without spending much on my own money, my parents really being considerate cuz letting me chose any kind of hijab and shoes for raya, they were like 'ok, there is shoes section, go and find your raya shoes'
cool parents huh? B)
I also noticed there are A LOT of online boutique being busy launching their own unique designs for raya Aidlfitri next month..
some are affordable but some are a lil bit pricey especially the one made by the famous designers..

one of the affordable brand is ThePoplook
I am really impressed because most of their hot selling raya items are sold out within 2 hours only, I mean seriously they are like 'pisang goreng panas'.. and I'm one of the frustrated customer, not because of the bad thing but the reason is I couldn't grab the Linaria maxi dress.. haha

its okay, maybe I could get a better design right? I wish..
there are still some of the raya items which are still available but as for me, I can't afford to buy it since I'm still a student and I don't really need that kind of dresses, but if you are working so I would suggest you to buy it for yourself, its really really pretty and suitable for office wear and special occasions..
the range of price starts from rm89-rm144..

coming soon.. bling bling POPPY necklaces and brooches! :D
yes, it is still below rm150 and I believe the material used is really comfy to wear on our hot climate ;)
another good thing is they ship worldwide, Malaysia and Singapore will get free postage on all item. cool. :D
so if you're interested, you can view their website and start hunting!

yesterday, I went out with my bestfriend, Mariah :)
we watched Despicable Me 2..
the movie is really cute and funny, can't get enough of Minions, haha..
I also went into H&M.
nak berkampung je dlm H&M tu, harga semua nak sale je mmg tembus ar purse, hahaha..
arfa mengaku arfa mmg H&M freak customer.
I can go around their shop for few time without getting bored. everything is pretty and I can purchase something with good quality below rm50.
so here is the haul.. :)

maroon dress - H&M
shades - H&M
sneakers - H&M
cat print socks & purse - souvenirs from UK

excited lepas balik shopping! :D

 next, move on to my first poplook collection,

Lucille maxi dress from thepoplook
scarf from ADbasket

ok, thats all for a week updates, sekejap je kita dah sampai di pertengahan bln Ramadhan,
so far arfa takde ponteng lg, hihi.. Selamat Hari Nuzul Quran dan selamat mencari malam Lailatul Qadar!!
jaga diri jaga iman, assalamualaikum :)


  1. kelas kau jah shopping sana sinun. haha. cuti lama ke?

    1. haruslah shopping sana sinun,hehe.. cuti smpi bln oct ;)


thanks for reading lovelies :D