Monday, November 7, 2011

kasi rambut cepat panjangg!

your genes are a big factor!
on average hair grow about half an inch a month supposely =)
but it depends to a few factor, therefore here I will share tips to make your hair grow faster!

1st : Regular Trim
but for your info, Trimming doesn't make your hair grow faster. It's a myth.
It feels like it because your hair isn't breaking off as much. tricky right?
if you go the hair salon, tell the hairstylist that you are trying to grow your hair so they won't cut them too much.

2nd : Exercise!
when you're exercising, blood will reach your head faster so do your hair!
other than that, your body will produce endorphine *spelling error terror
which will lower your stress level, then you will have less chance of falling off your hair.

3rd : Try to get rest atleast 8hours
when you get enough rest, your hair can grow easily.

4th : Temperature influence your hair growth
Have you ever noticed that after a hot bath, your nails seems to be longer?
so lets get shower your hair oftenly! in moderate temperature of water
4-5 times a week is okayy!

5th : Massage your scalp (conditioner)
slowly massage in round motion
it will increase blood circulation

6th ; Maintain balance diet

7th : Minimize the use of your hair tools
if possible dry blow hair at low temperature instead of straightening them
avoid tight ponytail & rubberbands to prevent from hair breaking

8th : Treat your hair (hair mask/olive oil/eggyolk)
 The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture hair butter makes your hair grow shiny
vit B in olive are very good for hair growth

thats all, I hope this is helpful
happy long hair ladies! ^.^

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