Thursday, December 15, 2011


i'm tired after 9 modules in this area, can i stop?
stop giving me this kind of feeling
i'm not a great people, i'm tired of feeling nerd. tired of dragging my leg to learn.
tired of feeling lazy at 7am to shower in cold temperature
tired of crying. tired of cooking something for an hour for foods that are not great at all!
tired of hurt inside. tired of saying 'where my family when i need them most?'
tired of smiling when the fact is i'm totally alone inside.
tired to be independent
tired of saving my money but money ain't growing.
tired of missing ummi. 
i'm tired of all of these ummi.. where are you when other people hugging their own mother?
do you know what i felt when each time i saw my friends hugging their mom?
i'm sorry ummi but i'm not strong enough like i promised to you.



rolling eyes smbil kunyah....

mood lagu : someone like you

selalu sgt dah ngelamun skrg ni.. kdg2 lecture pn aku angguk tp habuk eh tak2 serpih2 pn aku tarak fhm..
selamat cuti warga mesir ;)


  1. Stay strong Arfaa, Allah janjikan ganjaran yang manis dihujung jalan nanti InsyaAllah :)

  2. Hargai apa yg kita ada..syukuri nikmat yg ada..redha dgn qadha n qadar

  3. kuatkan semangat. aja aja fighthing!


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