Wednesday, January 2, 2013

earth colour (H.N.Y)

i bought a few things for myself as a treat for excellent year of 2012.
i'll promise to myself not to regret of buying things, you like you buy!
don't be too stingy for this year, kecuali bab belanja org kena kedekut, hahaha :P
i really enjoyed 2012.
mari kita imbas apa yg berlaku :
  • on my awesome birthday,16th January, i rewarded myself with a group of people that will always remind me to our Creator = usrah Muslih ^^
  • i went to UK on winter break!! (London, Manchester, Warwick)
  • Volunteer at Shatby Paediatric Hospital and met strong kids ^^
  • Pindah rmh sewa for 2nd time to awesome house and landlord! he even said we're like his daughter too. awhh. 
  • i went to Dreampark Cairo, the best ever roller coaster with 360degree of turning for 3 times. great!!
  • i got my results for semester 4 without C. i cried guys. haha lame me. 
  • ramadhan with my family and friends, reunion with my ex-primary schoolmates after 7 years!
  • Family holiday at Taiping, Perak. Naik air gelongsor dgn ayah, like father like doter, hihi
  • i bought a new phone after almost 3 years. syg phone tu sbb hadiah SPM from my parents long time ago.
  • i celebrated Raya Aidiladha at Hurghada. Awesome ocean and sexy tourists. hahaha
  • my beloved and only brother is engaged and married! i can't attend to his marriage due to exam, pfft.
  •  success in making vanilla muffin, mango crumble, dumplings, kuih keria, and kuih ketayap/gulung. yeppiii!

spot the redundant word? yeah, awesome. everything is awesome. ;)

MAX green sweat shirt,
Primark jeans,
unbranded scarf

green H&M handbag with super large compartment!
bole sumbat 3-5 books, pencil case, a tupperware, and a bottle.
isn't that great? yes it is. (haku yg jwb)

today i made currypuff for my class potluck. less salt for new year, last2 tawar habiaq, hahaha.

chocolate donuts! really yummy, siap tapau 2biji,hihi

section-mate minus the egyptian *sibuk nk interframe*

someone brought lovey waffle and i'm sooooo happy!!
yg ni belum ada choc spread lg..
told ya kalau teringin apa2 mesti dpt! :')

good opening of year right? heee
how about yours? i bet it is better than mine.
okay, till then, assalamualaikum. :)


  1. smart handbag!

    love big compartment. kalau boleh nak sumbat semua

  2. What a colourful life :-)
    Salam kenal Hani.


thanks for reading lovelies :D