Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the joy of being forever 21

it's my birthday today!!!
alhamdulillah, exam skill lab was run smoothly, almost everyone wished me happy birthday and i'm very happyyy!

Amira asyakirin gave me a pair of pink earphone. i loveeee the colour and the unique structure.

Iman namyra belanja Kribs firakh and teh susu, lastly she gave me a chocs snicker as my birthday present! ;)

top 4 flavours that are super delicious and quickly melt inside your mouth~ BR
my parents promised me that they will treat me to Secret Recipes & Baskin Robbins when i come back to Malaysia on summer break! yesss!

musics and novels = arfahani

#ootd : h&m blue stripes peplum dress
extremely in love with the peplum, kira pandang terus jatuh cinta, haha

it wasn't actually for celebrating my birthday but they made my day! heart youuu! :D
after last paper on 7/2, plan to go to Mansoura with these people, we gonna go shopping + eat + enjoy!

thanks everyone, semoga semakin lanjut usia semakin bertambah kebaikan yg kita buat..insyaAllah..

i will take a break from blogging until 7th Feb because i have a very pack schedule for exams, wish me goodluck and we'll see on 7th Feb insyaAllah! :)
please pray for all of us, medic students in Alexandria!

assalamualaikum and take care! :)


thanks for reading lovelies :D