Thursday, March 28, 2013

roses are red, leaves are green

Lee Hi - Rose 

lately, I'm being brave to play with the strong colours or even colour blocking!
and I'm happy because it doesn't look weird on me, yeay! ^^
I ruined my 1st day of this week by wore a black jubah. blame the jubah, I feel less confident. 
That jubah is too big and long until I feel like I was in a big black sack. 
actually, I'm not really good in wearing maxi skirts or dresses.
I have about 3 long dresses & 4 skirts, and I wear them only when I feel like 'I wanna be a lil bit girly today', haha..
plus I need to climb up to 3rd floor everyday at my college, so faham2lah, tu blm tangga menuju ke universiti lagi, parah nak ngangkut kain je supaya tak meleret, haha..
most of the time, jeans are my buddies :)

so hari ni pakai tudung merah , seluar hijau, Izzatul ckp nasib baik pakai tudung merah, kalau tudung hijau jgk da mcm askar ha, muahaha..
I made a great job by wearing red scarf today ;D (kahkah tudung je pn)
dpt flirt kucing comel jgk, teehee..

tips : if you love wearing flats exposing your feet skin, just wear a pair of colourful socks,
it will brighten up your mood!
jgn risau, tak nampak pelik pn, comel! arfa dah try, terbukti comel sbb ada org puji,hihi ;)
bonus you can cover up your aurah *thumbs up*

esok ada program IPOD, nak tahu ap tu? bkn jual ipod tp makanan!! :D
actually IPOD stand for Iskandariah Perubatan Open Day.
ada mcm2 aktiviti tp tak sempatla nk pergi semua sbb busy sikit, so insyaAllah pergi bazar sbb ad makanan!muahaha.. nanti lepas exam arfa cerita pasal food-hunting esok :))

lastly, my post-exam project, stay tuned ;)

3rd April will be our exam of Module Digestive System , pray for me!syukran! ❤

till then , assalamualaikum lovelies!


  1. Inshallah you'll work out :)
    by the way, what are you studying ?


thanks for reading lovelies :D