Thursday, October 3, 2013

talking to the pouring rain as if everything will be the same..

currently I'm at my big brada house! staying at home, watching drama, hearing to musics, act as if I'm the happiest girl on Earth, smile while I can, laugh while I'm still able to, and ignore to people who loves to talk in rude or sarcastic way, I'm still strong and I'm holding my pride to let you crash your own calmness, to let you amaze with my inner strength.
well, everybody is strong but once you let your anger or ego take the upper hand, everything will be ruin, and after that you will start to ask 'why?'
apparently, there will be no one answering to that question.

arfa suka sgt hujan sbb bila hujan dtg, selain rasa ngantuk tersengguk-sengguk (lol), arfa suka duduk dlm bilik sesorang dgr lagu slow jejiwang sorang2 and read the novel.. dari situ arfa akan mula bebel diri sendiri sbb yela nak bebel org lain tak sedap la pulak jd mak nenek kan, so arfa mula la jd mcm mak yg anak nya tak balik mlm, antaranya ;

" why do you still strong until now? "
" why you choose to make your parents happy before yourself? "
" why do you love cats so much? "
" why do you look so arrogant in real life? "
" why did you start blogging? "
" why do you love chocolates very much? "
" why do you keep quite eventhough you're angry inside? "

and the list will keep on going until someone interrupt me with "Fa, jom makan!" :P

" meow, lets roar! " 

fishtail blouse - Aneesa Amani
shoes - H&M

oh btw, now arfa is newbie on instagram! 
baru tau hp nokia ni boleh sign up instagram, yippie !
boleh tgk kat sidebar blog ni k..

so now everyone should know how passionate I am with pictures, hihi ♥
till next time pumpkins, assalamualaikum :)


thanks for reading lovelies :D