Thursday, May 29, 2014

the end that will be my new story

alhamdulillah, finally I can blog again.
I've finished surgery posting and will be going home on Saturday insyaAllah.
ada byk benda arfa dah plan nak buat, so arfa nak cerita sikit la what will be my bucket list during holiday this time. 
first, I wanna bake. tangan ni dah penat pegang buku dan pen, so baking is another passion of mine. I'm not a great baker but I enjoy baking, and my family love anything that I bake, hahaha..
well, atleast kids can't really lie, kalau tak sedap depa ckp tak sedap..
so far arfa dah pernah buat egg tart, cheesecake, and carrot cake.
kali ni insyaAllah nak try buat oreo cheesecake sbb hari tu tgk kat secret recipes mcm senang je nk buat dia, sepotong je dah rm7, baik bake sendiri, makan la puas2..

second, I wanna do preloved sale. arfa mmg shopholic and sometime benda yg arfa beli tu tak pakai langsung sbb tak sesuai utk arfa yg masih belajar plus kawan2 sume takde melaram sgt, kesian kat kita, beli dress pun tak pakai sbb tak nak nampak over sgt pakai dress pergi hospital setakat nak jumpa org sakit je. most of the time, arfa pakai seluar slack dgn kemeja je. my fashion sense pn dah jatuh, sedih.
so you guys boleh like page Ganska on facebook for updates. serius lawa semua preloved ni, condition 8/10, all below rm100. 

third, work as a part time assistant in clinic.
just to get some experience and dlm masa sama dpt sembang dgn doktor, how to deal with patient.
learning process is everywhere, its either we appreciate it or not.

fourth, to get my body fit back.
seriously, arfa sedih tgk body sendiri byk lemak.
cuti ni nak la try fit kan balik bdn, jog atleast every 2 days. nak daftar gym kat malaysia mmg no way la sbb takde transport plus need a lot of money.
arfa skrg kena byk berjimat sbb I've caused a lot of bad things happened and it affect me so badly.

for the time being, top 4 are in my list.
insyaAllah kalau jumpa jodoh masa cuti, ceq bagitau sume naaa, hahaha
nasi minyak buat sendiri la, ceq sponsor papedom. hahaha

spot me :)

 thats all, any suggestion to do on holiday?
any good places around kuala lumpur that need to discover? let me know tau! 

btw, someone asked me why girls love makeup and hide their own natural beauty?

this is the reason
(no filter)
I have a major problem with my skin since I was in high school and it was really embarrassing.
I can't talk to others and made eye contact because I feel people will focus on my pimples.
so I went to dermatologist when I was 18 year old until now, the scars are still there and I need to do the laser to get rid of them but it is too expensive. so I just cover them with makeup everytime I go out.
some people just don't really have a natural beauty, like me.
honestly, I hate putting too much of bb cream and concealer just to cover the scars but what choice do I have? 
after all, makeup is just something to do with appearance, atleast our character will take into an account when it is about friendship.

girls who have problem just like me will totally understand why I can't go out without atleast putting on my foundation. those who already have natural beauty and flawless, no need to put up too much makeup, you are already beautiful, right? :)

thats all, be beautiful ladies, assalamualaikum :)

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  1. Haha .. sama macam ekin , beli baju banyak banyak tapi tak pakai ... sebab kawan kawan semua tak melaram ponggg


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