Monday, June 25, 2012

random take 4 : lomo?

assalam peeps!
gonna make a quick update sbb banyak lagi arfa tak baca for upcoming exam.
doakan doakan ! *begging*
love ya!

put everything on my table and just grab 'em!
clever moyy but lama2 jadi mcm pear besar punggung
-oopps censored-

confidence naik tau bila pakai high heels,
tak tipu sbb i've felt it..hee

lomo  or tab? i'm confuse :)

by the way, countdown Malaysia : 15 days  \(>.<)/
okay arfa, the book is calling me, got to go! 
take care!


  1. personally, i prefer tab because u can easily download apps to get the lomo effects and the effects u could get will vary, whereas lomo cam is limited to one effect only, depending on the type of the cam. tapi part ni tak sure sgt sbb tak berapa taw pun pasal lomo ni :P

    anyway, it's totally up to u. that's just my 2 cents :)


thanks for reading lovelies :D