Wednesday, December 5, 2012

fishtail blouse

alhamdulillah hari ni turun hujan rahmat..
asyik ckp kejap panas kejap sejuk, nahhh here you go raining from the morning to evening!
He always hear our du'a, just the time will decide.
'sabar' is the key.
today, i wore this attire to my class!
and i just thought that the strong colour has absorbed into my mood, haha
i'm really happy during my class!
100% concentration is achieved! yeeha! :D

i can't make videocall/skype with my family on the evening because the internet at home in Malaysia is damn slow..but mama said she can hear my loud voice!hahaha..
it was me whom can't hear them, stress enough..

pashmina that I bought from Jeddah during evacuation

fishtail blouse boleh dpt anywhere in Malaysia even online.
i bought it from Amani Boutique at Jalan TAR.
pun boleh dpt from my friend :D

(actually, i only wear lipice pi kelas)

": The most romantic thing you can ever do for me is buy me food."
indeed! :)
pasni future husband kena tahu bahawasanya belikan pizza or any food for me can really touched me,
hari2 romantik klu hari2 belikan makanan, takyah ckp i love you pn, cool isn't it? hahaha..

now i'm craving for durian crepe, waffle, kuih seri muka.
why do i have to be here with no durian at all?!
i know Allah will give me strength to overcome this useless overthinking!tah pape je kau arfa..
ingat Gaza lepas tu mesti kita akan rasa bersyukur.. :')

exam genital system lg 10 hari. doakan arfa! syukran eberibadi.
take care, toodles! :)

p/s : btw, pakai tudung tu paksaan ke? camtu masuk Islam pn bkn dgn rela hati kau ke? i feel this letter is super stupid.


  1. I love your top dear :))


  2. you are egypt kan? wahh,, my sis is there too... do join my ga free domain for all participants... make your url look professional :D


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