Sunday, December 9, 2012

jeans on jeans


it is wrong to wear jeans on jeans but i think fashion is made by man so who cares! haha

loose &comfy
love the sneaker,
i mean both shoe & chocs! hihi

orange lipstick? ngahaha

on 8th Dec 2012..
sukaaa mama (kiri) !hihi
blue & pink are both my favourite colours! :D
sweet sgt! syg dua2!
kak liana pakai jam tgn time bersanding, rock sgt, ahahaha..

my brother is married but i'm stuck in this 'awesome' country who love riot.
gahh, actually i cried a bit cuz i couldn't be there but it's ok, i'm strong!
i love you abg! be a good husband wokeyy? ;)
abg, you didn't look fat pun, kata nak gain weight,blablabla, hahaha
doakan dorang pleasee, syukran awi! :)

okay byee, love uollss (lenggok gedik)! muahaha

assalam dears!


  1. cantik semua gambar2 2...hehehe btw Tahniah buat abg awk... :)

  2. nice photo.. jadi iri sama laki-laki itu :)

  3. Wahh congrats to your family. And yeah I like your style. Really!

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  5. wahh tahniah ye to ur brother... Alhamdulillah, semoga abang sis menjadi suami yg soleh... Cantik ur sister-in-Law..

    btw, nice outfit larling, nampak sempoi je.. hehe

  6. Congrats on your brother's wedding. Baju bride lawa !


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