Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If things are going good, enjoy it, it won't last forever. If things are going bad, don't worry. It can't last forever either.

hai hello everyone!
now I'm going to talk about something that you guys already been through atleast once in your lifetime. so bear with me cuz its going to be a long bebel, hehehe..
I would honestly say that I hate people who doesn't keep their promise. I don't care whether you are a shy and innocent girl, I just can't accept your excuses if you break your promise just because you forget, or you just feel that you wanna change your mind at the last minute! come onnnn guys, promise is not something you said because you feel happy to know other person's secret or it was just a trick to let your friend tells you about their secret or even not because you feel pity to them so you decided to make a promise and let them keep excited for something that is hopeless.
I'm a type of person who really keep my promise. if I say I will give you something, I will definitely give you something sooner or later. if I forgot, I will ask that person to remind me.
same goes to promise about time such as I will meet you at this time that time but then you come after 15mins or even more.
most of us are really suck at promising, we really like this phrase :
'Sorry wehh, ko da lama ke tunggu?'

I know it is a polite way to make it over after you make a mistake but seriously dude it is not cool at all after you repeat it over and over again. my ears are immune to that kind of speech (drama queen huh? hahaha :P)

so think wisely before you make a promise. it may look simple but simple can turn into complicated.
just a simple reminder to myself too.

I'm sensitive, I over think every little thing, and I care way too much - Cute Messages!

------------- end of discussion -------------

Fa-biayyi alaa’i Rabbi kuma tukadzdzi ban 
(Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yg manakah yg kamu dustakan?)

alhamdulillah for every single thing that we have cuz Allah doesn't ask us for the payment. :)

minggu ni kerja makan jee, maka tidak hairanlah aku hampir2 menjadi sepupu sumo. -_-"
semalam ad potluck,
khamis ada BBQ,
jumaat nanti membongkang,

inilah hasil masakan gadis2 cantik bijak lg solehah, haaa kau, jgn main2 pujian melambung ni ha..
nak sebut ke satu2? rasanya tak perlu sbb da jelas gambar atas ni, klu rabun sila pakai cerghmin mata..muahaha

I wore my blouse as my outerwear.
new black shawl with gray lining.
baju raya when I was 18 years old, already 3years in my closet.
I still have 2 jeans that I bought ( I mean my parents) since I was 15years old,
thn lepas berat cecah 64.5kg sume ketat mcm nangka, thn ni da bole pakai blk!
eventhough just for few kilos, atleast adela jgk, muehehe

ok peeps, till then, ciao! assalamualaikum :)


  1. pehh.section 1 boleh dh tu.masak dh pass :D

  2. So true, many people love to gossip and break their promises.
    Nice dress colour btw =)and the food looks yummy

    1. yeay,you agree with me!;)
      thanks dear! it is yummy.. :)

  3. assalam arfahani. thanks for your comment on my page :)
    i'd 100% agree with your post title! nice entry. anyway, sis kata 'big size' tp Xnmpk cm big sizepun? huhuu...

    1. wslm,no biggie, I should appreciate my readers :)
      I am a big size. xpnah jumpa sy lg so nmpk kecik dlm gmbr,haha

  4. love the title you have posted... the food looks yum..



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