Thursday, May 30, 2013

its People's for birthday celebration! :)

27 Mei lahirnya anak bongsu berasal dari Kedah.
so celebrate la sikit, mkn bertiga kat People's, I've been there last year for my section's dinner and it was quite expensive for me. since Baizury teringin takpelah bako duit sikit setahun skali, haha T.T
but don't worry, now we buy 1 free 1 on every Monday! say whattt? yeah baby yeah, ok over sikit :P

tgk menu..hmm mahai blako,dah guane ni,hahaha 

Grilled Fillet with rosemary sauce = le78 / rm37
mati2 ingat fillet ikan, tupp2 mmbekk mmbekk..
satu mlm perut berangin  -_-"

Grilled Chicken with black pepper sauce = le50/rm23
is it convenient for you to pour all the sauce like that? tak senonoh la, kalau aku sedih kot byr mahal2 then hidang mcm ni.. tgkla sauce smpi tumpah ke mashed potato, like seriously dude? mcm hape arab ni..

the main attraction is they hang up all these keep calm things besides the stairs..
well, keep calm & go shopping suit me well, muahaha ;)

sunset at Stanley Bridge

rambut fatin epic! haha :P

I loveee my handmade skirt ;)

Pavlova as her extra birthday gift from me!
thanks bah for baking! ;)

"A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer." Lucius Annaeus Seneca
thats it, so if you have any DIY website/blog, comment on below, I would love to pay a visit :D
thanks for reading, love yaa! assalamualaikum :)


  1. gmbr yg last tu paling2 suka tg...hehehehehe

    ~Admin : QasehMuslimah-Munirah~

  2. Looking at these yummy food makes me so hungry :D
    by the way I love the print of your hijab :)

  3. Omg that cake! it looks delicious!

    1. its not just look delicious but it taste delicious! hihi.. :)


thanks for reading lovelies :D