Wednesday, September 4, 2013

online shopping - Ganska

i'm bored at home so i decided to open an online shopping,
since i'm a shopholic so why not right?
takdela sehebat Cala Qisya or what so ever but atleast i love doing this thing.
(rather than sleeping all day long and start feeling like a mother hippo)

ok, boleh terjah Ganska
till then, assalamualaikum :)


  1. CUTE! :3
    i'd like to go shop online too when I feel so lazy to going out or when I didn't have time to shop :(

  2. gud luck dlm berbisnes..byk dugaan dan cabarn waktu mula2 ni..semoga kuat dan kental dan semoga berjaya.. :)


thanks for reading lovelies :D