Sunday, September 22, 2013

Socks Up Girls! ♥

happy Monday everyone!! :D
I really love berry colour because I thought it is a combination of hot pink and purple (my fav). perfect blend.
the feeling of start to list up things to bring back to Egypt is kinda hateful, its not that I hate it so much but I need to accept the fact that there will be no mama and ayah's cooking, now talking about this make me truly sad :(

since I have nothing to do at home so lets play with the camera, yeayy! :P

peplum - Scarlet // maxi skirt - Ganska // flat shoes - Brands Outlet // mama's old glitter shawl 

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore.
so Dumbledore and me shared the same thought? haha I didn't know Dumbledore is so cute! :)
I have this tiny obsession, loving socks so much at the level which I asked my bestfriend to bring me some cute cat print socks from Europe, and she laughed so hard at me! :(
cat + socks = major love
what else can I say, haha

another interesting idiom that I found on internet,

pull one's socks up

( means start making an effort ; to redouble one's effort )

well, looks like everyone should pull one's socks up starting from Monday! ;)

God help me, I'm doing some serious online shopping lately and its getting critical, 
now, lets start to worry since my luggage is going to explode anytime, haha sooo arfahani! 
sorry future husband, this is me! :P

jom like ZDRAV and Ganska on fb!
till then, assalamualaikum semua! :)

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