Wednesday, October 30, 2013

goodbye October, goodbye Egypt! ♥

a year ago, I didn't know that I'll end up studying in Malaysia..
I didn't expect that I'll leave my lovely friends in Egypt..
but this is life, I want to make it different and interesting, so here I'm packing my stuffs before going to Sarawak..
settle off my medical checkup, DPT, and other documents. at the end I'm having fever, haha
but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly :)

apa yg paling menyedihkan bila buat keputusan ni?
leaving my friends
yeah, my 3 years-housemate and my bestfriend Izzatul.
Izzatul punyalah merajuk smpi tak jenguk pn aku ni ha.. if u're reading this, I've been waiting u for daysss u know? 
komen kt fb pn tak nk bls, sobs.. :(
paling terkilan bila naik tremco/van to airport, none of my close friends are sending me off,
I was like "yeah arfa, none of them feel the compulsory to send u off"
sedih kot.. but its ok, I know I'm not that friendly kind of person so I deserved being treated like that, sokay lahh..

the last question wandering in my mind when I was in the plane is,
" am I doing the right decision? what if it is wrong? "
then come the self confidence, " its okay if it is wrong, wrong thing will never last forever, right thing will come afterward "
haha bole jd psychologist!
but nayyy arfa mmg jenis suka motivate myself rather than biar je benda2 negatif dtg buat semak..

all I need right now, doa doa dan doa from all of my reader! yes u!
satu2 ujian dtg, since I'm 14 y/o, tp arfa tau Allah syg sbb tu Dia uji..
dear future children, ur mom had a very challenging life before u're being born, so u need to be as strong as ur mom, ok? hihi

so thats all, flight arfa Jumaat ni. rasa seram, excited, happy sume ada!
another new experience for me which is studying in Sarawak!
selagi ada je benda baru jd dlm hidup arfa ni, I will continue blogging, I will tell my stories,
mana la tau jd inspirasi ke, kahkahkah.. berangan kemain ko kan arfa.. :P

ok, jetlag is still kicking but since I'm not feeling well so I better sleep..
till next post at Sarawak!
assalamualaikum pumpkins! :))

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