Saturday, April 26, 2014

everything will be alright

I'm very in a deep stress.
I already know my results for paediatric posting and again I failed.
yeah I failed.
twice in a row.
allahuakbar, I cried and I turn into a really quiet person.
I can count how many words I said today.
ofcourse I am very sad, I promised myself to cry less and be strong but when suddenly my friends gather up and try to give me strength by saying 
'I know you're strong arfa, there must be a reason why He put you in this situation, just cry arfa, don't try to look strong when you're not' i just can't hold my tears anymore.
alhamdulillah, I already accept the reality, even I'll be graduating a bit later than my friends, I know that this is just a process of becoming a better doctor, insyaAllah.

pray for me.
thank you.
assalamualaikum :)

(tiada selfie,haha)


  1. Nothing happen for no reason. Hope you will be stronger :)

  2. It will enable you to have a deeper understanding of your subject and you'll be able to grasp things you didn't understand fully. In turn your confidence and knowledge as a doctor will increase insha Allah. Who knows, when you graduate you'll have a better job package than your friends as a reward for your patience!

  3. Amazing post :)



thanks for reading lovelies :D