Tuesday, May 8, 2012

new new new!

assalamualaikum and hello lovely peeps! *so funny*

today is the start of my new rainbow day!
after finished exam 'senang' semalam terus pergi exercise!
guess what? i lost 2.5kg in 2weeks.
super happyyy!
tapi bdn nmpk camni jela..no perbezaan pun..jgn pulak org jumpa aku pastu kecoh tanya knp tak nampak kurus. ni manusia jenis takde humor. hahaha.
nampak mcm alaa 2.5kg pn nk kecohh! 
for you maybe benda tu nampak senang tp utk manusia secomel aku?err err.kfine.
sgt mencabar! i eat only a plate of rice per week. desperate.
only fruits & bread each day. pathetic.
kwn ajak mkn mcD kfc mumtazah, semua ditolak and im honest with them, i said,
'im on diet.i meant it.pastu gelak besar!'hahahaha
now im aiming for another 2.5kg!

so after that kami berpeleseran di san stefano yg amat bosan.
even isnin tapi food court mcm sardin! and i hate it.
amira went to pedicure. mahal pastu buat basic2 je. habis duit kau mira, haha

blurry piece

i bought it yesterday!yeppy!
well its spring kan, hihi
i rewarded myself with cantonese's food
the end of yesterday

for the last 3days, i tweet-ing fatin suhana

 famous blogger and dia sumpah baik. baking je keje!
she said she baked everyday! :O
and of course she's pretty girl :)
complete i guess,tehee..

finally it's spring here in egypt!
white daisy


oranges? *ketuk ketampi skrg!*

now its 10.11am and i need to start the new lectures at 2pm with no books because terlupa beli.
sokayy, esok beli! today salin nota.
we'll be studying nose! pegang hidung cadaver! pegang paru-paru!
okay, i know you all geli, tp me no geli insyaAllah! kiki
thats all. bye love.


  1. 2 weeks almost 3kg? wow! apa rahsianya? ;p

  2. ske spring...cantiknye bunga2..hehe

  3. me too! well sbb tu kita perempuan, :)

  4. ahaa.im never on diet, but since i tgok u berjaya lost weight with that way, gonna try it later :D
    thanks for sharing your experience. very inspiring for me to diet :D

    1. ur most welcome..goodluck dear! tolak burger dgn maggi tu! tak elok,hehe :)

  5. untung lah dapat turun berat..2.5kg.it's a big amaount.

    done follow you. jemput singgah :

  6. gud luck ! tehee :)
    saya plak nak kasi gemuk sikit dah kering cam bini popeye ... hikhik :D


thanks for reading lovelies :D