Tuesday, July 3, 2012


playing on

i have a habit
before im in holiday, planning everything to make a such perfect holiday but at the end im sitting infront the computer just like now, please laugh at me.

well, before i touch down KLIA, here is the list of things me need to buy,
  • Present for my handsome brother & his fiance
  • Chocolatessss (one 's' is not enough because my family have sweet tooth, hik)
  • T-shirt with revolution's logo (for Qis, cousin E-key, and cutey Amsyar since I only bought MU bag from Old Trafford for him while other heros get MU t-shirt, well dia tak kuat merajuk pun tp dia boyfriend sy kn, haha )
  • Chocolate dates (mama teringin)
  • Honey for atuk & tokwan :)
  • Nuts for relatives during Eid which i think will finish during ramadhan, haha (can't wait for ramadhan!)
  • Mens Jubah for daddy, brother, Amsyar & Adeeb specially for Eid. omaii too many. @.@
ok that should be enough since mama didn't add anything else.

just now, went to Stefano mall, 
well its holiday guys,
i grabbed these items!
damn happyy! 

grr babies

grr colour block! super melt! (don't get me wrong, im in the month okay)

the left is for mama since ehem, kahkah
right one is for Amsyar since he is in the tahfiz school.
actually nk beli lagi tapi takut mama kata,
'fa, lebih baik beli benda lain'
ala murah je pun, bagus pulak tu, total for LE16.50 only.

tomorrow we plan to go to Mansyiah, area of souvenirs shopping!
aha, need to put a tons of sunblock cream since the weather is getting hot.
shade & fan are must items in my bag during summer.
if not, i'll be annoyed for sweating too much.

well thats all for today, boiboi! :)


  1. Oh, forget, u are in Egypt now, thats why i never met those things before *maybe*.. hehehehe LE16.50, how much in RM???

  2. its in Malaysia too dear. LE16.50 = RM8.25 :)

  3. nak buah tgn jgak bole..hehe


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