Sunday, March 24, 2013

girls, be smart!

 Justin Timberlake - Mirrors 

halo amigos! :)
last Thursday I went to Delices. A cafe full of yummy desserts. ohh, I love desserts!
muka tak sihat tp selera buaya,muahaha
this week, cold and cough are being my bestfriends. tak suka ubat. sobs  -.-"

I have tons of t-shirt and still rasa tak cukup, astaghfirullahalazim..
now I want to share something for my lovely readers!
3 ways how to style with your fishtail blouse, have fun! ;)
put on with your favourite denim jacket , voila!

with the same jacket, tight them around your waist, rockin' girl! 

together with a blazer for the formal look! ;)

a matching colour of shawl around your shoulder would be so lovely on you! ayu gitu, hee
so, which one do you like? I bet you will like the 1st one, kan? :)

bg arfa, tak kisahlah mcm mana kita gayakan pakaian tu, but your attitude play the major role.
if you're talking about fashion, fashion is everywhere!
fashion can be create by ourself, tak perlu nak ikut kalau tak mampu dan tak selesa.
yg penting kita tahu kita sesuai ke tak dgn fashion tu.
even in dressing pn ada batasannya, right?
sometimes, unbranded things are more unique, trust me :)
and arfa adore someone yg bole nmpk bergaya even baju dia beli cuma preloved je, yeah dorang ni kategori beruntunglah, arfa tak mcm tu sbb tembam sgt, haha
so girls, be smart in varying your style! :D

alright girls (sorry boys for the inconvenience), till then, have a nice day!
assalamualaikum :)


  1. terbaik!!! sy pun kadang2 just suai padan je baju2 yg saya pakai...xpayah nak pening2 kepala =)

    ~Admin : QasehMuslimah-Munirah~

  2. love 3rd style.. look more casual :)
    and thank 4 d tips

  3. ha..dapat pulak idea bila tgk..nak mcuba jugak lah.. =)

  4. Mashallah I'm in love with the color of your hijab :DD
    I'm following you now ♥

    1. thanks dear! hope you enjoy reading my blog :))

  5. Wow! U go girl! Stylish awal ni.. Hehehe.. Kalau anis pakai fishtail blouse tu je semata-mata.. Fashion orang malas.. Hehehe

    1. hihi thank you anis! ni utk variasikan je, klu arfa malas, pakai gitu jela,haha..

  6. dapnyeee :D Yang pasal zalora tu bce sini :))


thanks for reading lovelies :D