Monday, June 24, 2013

to colour our life with shine and smiles! :)

Olla amigos!
alhamdulillah right now I'm in my study leaves and I'm seriously kinda stress a lil bit so I took my time just to release it on my blog, yes blogging is one of the stress reliever!
atleast I do not consume coffee for packets and start feeling nausea and dizzy which is bad for me since I need to be in a good health to fight for these hundred of pages.
alhamdulillah also my final paper will be on 15th of July and guess where I'll go a day after that?
Malaysia!!! yes I'm coming home! :')
I can't wait to meet my parents, my siblings which already bigger and hyper! haha
and not to forget my new family member! not a baby but a cat! hee.. just a Siamese cat but hey he's handsome thou! ;)

alhamdulillah we are going into our Ramadhan phase, so hows your preparation? mentally and physically, I don't know. my body is keep dehydrated due to hot weather in Egypt and I'm praying to Allah so that He will give me strength to pass another 3 weeks here in a good health. insyaAllah.

ok, thats it for now, I've been wanting to post about Part 3 in Turkey but I really don't have enough time to upload those pics and recalling everything so I'm sorry guys. will update about it soon after my exam insyaAllah. keep praying! ;)

dgn ini sy memohon kpd semua utk mendoakan sy supaya dpt menjawab exam dgn hati yg tenang dan dipermudahkan utk memahami ilmu yg dipelajari.
skema gila.
ok tata everyone! assalamualaikum :)


  1. please please doa malaysia ni bebas jerebu. kahakkk T.T

    1. insyaAllah kejap je jerebu tu, kita doa sama2 ye dik! takmo la blk malaysia jerebu, sedih, tsk! eceh. :P

  2. Good luck exam.. Anis pun exam 4 July ni.. Pray for me too :) kat msia jerebu teruk.. ;(

    1. thanks anis! actually arfa exam 29 ni tp yg last paper 15hb,hehe.. tau teruk,my parents pn ad tunjuk gmbr, take care kat sana! :)


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