Monday, September 30, 2013

hi October! ♥

time is ticking, today is 1st October 2013,
still in Malaysia but only for another 16 days.
need to load my stomach with my listed foods.
(Kenny rogers, Tutty fruity, Burger bakar Abg Burn and meatball Ikea)
still have a lot of things to buy and money ain't growing.
pat to my own shoulder, everything will run smoothly if God willing :)

Thepoplook Teagan blouse that I wore as an outerwear
long inner & pants - H&M

dah lama gila cari singlet yg labuh camni so that it can cover my butt, lol
and finally I found it at H&M for less than rm40, its branded item and its comfy so what do you expect for the price, right?
atleast I don't buy something over rm50 for an inner, haha
kat jalan TAR tu berlambak je kalau nak beli inner tp dah alang2 kat H&M Lot10 so bedal jela..
syukurlah arfa ni gila H&M je bkn Zara or Marks Spencer or CK,
kat H&M pn beli yg sale and affordable items yg sesuai dgn taraf arfa sbg student..
kadang-kadang rasa mcm amazed gila klu ada member yg keluar dari Zara dgn paperbag Zara, instantly "wow, you must have a lot of money to be spend"
well depends la kan, ad jgk yg elaun baru masuk so they love spending money on Zara just like I love spending my money on H&M.. 
or mmg anak org kaya so ap lg cucuk kad atm jela :P

ehem, and buy her something, hahaha kidding :P

 last Sunday, I met my bestfriends, Bella and Mariah.
sorang nk jd engineer, sorang lg bhgn construction, sorang lg doktor, tp perangai mcm tu jgk la..
please don't change girls, I love both of you so much, and don't marry anyone until I found my soulmate, haha selfish punya org.. XD

ini mamat ♥ pengacau tidur

kbye, till next time :)


  1. Assalamualaikum.. Singgah sini melawat blog anda. Jemput ke blog saya. :)


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